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We take IT Security very seriously. We regularly perform penetration tests for commercial banks, security and exposure analysis for financial service and law firms, and do security overview and policy documentation for general business service companies..

Our New York Security Services brings many of the world’s top security professionals together for one reason: to keep you safe. Incorporating subject matter experts from virtually every sector, we have a proven track record of success in reducing hazards and mitigating risk. 

Implementing and enforcing IT security policies have become an essential element of an organization’s strategic plan. From firewalls to training programs to regulatory compliance and  penetration testing, CyberSecOp cybersecurity consultants have the skills, expertise, and insight to address your company’s technical and executive IT security needs.  With office in Manhattan (NYC), our cybersecurity experts can offer a high-touch engagement customized to your organization’s IT security requirements.

New York Security Consulting Services  

Our New York Security Services will assist your organization with our unparalleled range of Security Services.

New York Security Compliance Services  

CyberSecurity Plan - Risk Management - Network Security - Data Security

CyberSecurity Plan - Risk Management - Network Security - Data Security


We understand our clients needs and provide unparalleled  New York Security Services .

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